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Here at Skyline Highrise Services, safety is the single most important thing in this business. That is why we implement vigorous safety courses and onsite training to every employee. We want to ensure that every highrise employee at Skyline Highrise knows the most efficient and safest ways to rig all safety equipment and tiebacks, knows situation awareness, and is trained in self rescue. Our team is  trained and qualified for the most serious rigging and projects. Skyline has a 100% tie off policy and we follow the ANSI I-14 regulation on all of our jobs along with all OSHA requirements. Our accident policy and record is zero because of the standards that we implement and we intend to keep it that way.


Our purpose at Skyline Highrise Services is to raise the bar in the property service industry. We provide a wide range of high-rise services. Our services range from glass replacement, window washing, waterproofing, painting and complete building restoration. Our goal is to build value for our customers by keeping their properties beautiful and efficient.

         President, Nicholas P. Ferguson